Capstone Project

This is the project that I completed for the IDPT670 Capstone course. I chose an instructional design project that produced training materials for the sales department in my office.

Building items like this is something that I have done literally hundreds of times over the past 10 or 11 years that I have been engaged full-time in the field. However, this time was different. In the past, I had skimmed over or simply skipped entire parts of the ID process. Now I would have the chance to apply my entire breadth of skills and knowledge to a real project. I explained the idea to my co-workers, who would act as my sponsor and my customer, and they were completely on board. This project showcases the skills gained throughout the entire IDPT program, including analysis, design, development, evaluation, and project management. Prior training projects would typically start out right in the middle–I would jump right in to development. In this case, I followed the process and began by performing a thorough analysis of the learners, the learning needs, and the performance environment.


IDPT670 Capstone Project Charter

IDPT670 Capstone Project Instructor Guide




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